16 Ways to Have Luxuriant Hair


1. Special funds
a. Products that contain keratin, ceramides, or pan-tenol are an indispensable aid for thin and weak hair. Enveloping hair follicles in a thin, delicate film, they make hair more luxuriant.

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2. Change the parting
a. If over time, you make the part in one and the same place, the hair may become accustomed to and lie flat on this portion of the head. Divide the hair parted on the other side, and they again become bushy, voluminous roots.

3. Peeling shampoo
a. If you exfoliate your hair once a week, thin hair will become lighter and fluffier and simultaneously release balances that hair care and styling provide, but without the hassle.

4. Lightly dry
a. Styling products should not be applied onto wet hair because this reduces their effect by two times. First, slightly dry your hair with a hair dryer, directing the stream into different directions, then rub foam hair volume gently in. Then, use a hair dryer as usual.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE