2 Things That Should Be Applied On Your Face Before Makeup


The way a makeup is worn is very important, and the foundation laid under the colors is the major thing which makes your makeup to always look its best. Before any makeup, knowing what you should wear is important, as that protects your face while the makeup is used throughout the day.

Keeping your skin protected is made possible with a good foundation applied to your face, in addition to making the cosmetics to last longer, and even if a more natural look is your preference, knowing what to use for the natural look to be maintained is as well crucial.





If makeup is used regularly, you need to be aware that the skin could age faster and frequently breaking out than if no makeup was worn. Your makeup should be applied using clean hands, as that enables that makeup to stay longer and prevents unwanted oils on the face.

What to Apply on Face Before Makeup
Makeup wearing should be preceded by cleansing the face using a cleanser designed for the skin, and if a normal to dry skin is what you have, your face wash should not have drying alcohol. If what you have is a combination of skin or normal skin, a moisturizing cleanser will help you a lot. Oily skin should be treated with a cleanser having acne-fighting properties.
When dressing up in the morning, most women do not use the toner. Toner removes the oil left behind by the cleanser, making your skin pH to be balanced. Toner also gets rid of blemishes and gives more protection to the skin before makeup is added.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE