2 Things to Apply on the Face Before Makeup


1. What to Apply on Face Before Makeup

Before you apply any makeup, you should cleanse your face with a cleanser designed for your skin. If you have normal to dry skin, your face wash should be free of drying alcohol. If you have combination skin or normal skin, a cleanser with moisturizing properties will help, if you tend toward dry skin. Oily skin needs to have a cleanser with acne-fighting properties.

Many women skip toner when they get ready in the morning. Toner will remove oil that your cleanser may have left behind and it will balance the pH on your skin, too. Toner also helps fight blemishes and make your skin just a little more protected before you put on makeup.

Finally, you need to put moisturizer on your face. Moisturizer with an SPF will help protect your skin from harmful UV rays to help keep it looking young and healthy. Oily skin needs acne-fighting moisturizers that are labeled as non-comedogenic.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE