2 ways of How to get Thicken Scanty Eyebrows



Eyebrows boost beauty, especially the eyes. If pluck or thread your eyebrows, there will be changes in the eyebrows, making the facial appearance to be changed. Even if you are not born with well-shaped and defined brows, there are still ways of having yours.

Thicken Scanty Eyebrows
Thicken Scanty Eyebrows

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Poor eyebrows can be caused by certain things, some of which are stress, medication, genetic disorder and illness. There are times you may need to shape or pluck them, and as if you have thick brows, with the intention of getting the right shape, too much may end up being plucked. It is a good idea to professionally shape them at a salon for the first few times, and after gaining some experience on how it is done, you could be doing the whole thing yourself.

These are some of the tips to be followed if you want to make your eyebrows to grow as desired. Dipping the finger in castor oil, the eyebrow should be well massaged with the fingers. The oil should be left on the eyes while you go to bed. The in the morning, wash gently using a face wash.