20 beauty-tips from leading make-up artists


Olga Komrakova, Clarins – leading makeup artist:

– Traces of eye shadow can be removed with a foam applicator – works as an eraser!
– You can’t make a straight bright lip line? Apply lipstick before reaching the line and then “stretch” the texture of the lipstick to the desired shape with a pencil. By the way, pencil must not be sharp! Slightly blunt it by hand or with a napkin.

Svetlana Grebenkova – makeup artist:

– Any makeup starts with a lip balm. When it’s time for the lipstick (usually at the end), lips will be softer and easier to apply makeup to.
– Before you fill in your eyebrows, comb them properly with a brush.
Dead skin flakes accumulate between the hairs. They don’t let you apply makeup uniformly.

Yevgeniya Tarasova, Givenchy – leading makeup artist:

– Everyone knows that the borders of foundation shouldn’t be seen: it has to be blended in carefully – especially along the hairline. But for some reason everyone forgets about ears!
– To visually lift the corner of the eye, extend the concealer line to the temples when covering dark circles.










Giorgio Forgani, Pupa – international makeup artist:

– Many women apply mascara in a wrong way. Move the brush in zigzag motion from the roots up to the tips. This simple technique helps to visually open the eyes. And you can also give them almond shape – just move the brush not straight up but toward the outer corner of the eye.

Yuri Stolyarov, Maybelline NY – leading makeup artist:

– The eye shadow won’t crumble if you degrease the eyelids beforehand – pat them with matting napkins. And start with eye makeup and then apply foundation, powder and blush. If suddenly your hand falters and you spoil everything, do won’t have to wash and reapply the entire make-up.


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Catherine Ponomarev, MAC – leading makeup artist:

– Eyes water often, especially when you’re trying to apply the liner to the internal and external corners. Regular mascara will save you. Apply it slightly to the tip of a cotton swab and blend it in the “capricious” place.

Anna Merkusheva, Make Up For Ever – national makeup artist:

– Begin the eyebrow makeup in the arch zone – the darkest part of the eyebrow. Then draw the tip and only after that move with forward motions to the side of the eyebrow head. This will allow not to overload the beginning of the eyebrows, making the eyes look more open. When you’re drawing a line, plan the direction of the tip with eyes open.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE