20 Things That Make Male And Female Brains Different



1. It’s proven that a female brain on average is 10% smaller than a male brain. However, that doesn’t affect intelligence.
2. Male brain shrinks faster with age than female brain.
3. Male and female brains use different areas of the brain to perform the same tasks.
4. When lost, men tend to go by the distance and direction, while women go by objects they’ve encountered. Same goes for driving: men memorize the road using numbers and distance, while women tend to notice and remember the objects on the way.

Male And Female Brains
Male And Female Brains

Image Source: zamanzperception

Male And Female

5. Women pay more attention to details, while men see the whole picture.

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6. Men perceive information faster, therefore, are able to react faster, however.

7. Women can more easily perceive information from several sources all at once, while men often get irritated at the idea of doing several things at the same time.

8. Men tend to be better at visual spatial subjects, while women are better at verbal.
9. We know you’ve been waiting for this, so here you go: on average, men think about sex once every minute. Women, on the other hand, think about it once every couple of days.
10. Women are more chatty. This has to do with pleasure centers of their brain.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE