21 Steps to a Better You


How you envision yourself in your mind is how you are going to blossom and manifest throughout your life. You will not grow any higher than you are if your perception doesn’t allow you to be. You have complete and total control of your mind and emotions do have the capacity to determine what path you are taking in life. Did you know that you can completely reprogram your mind? You can do so the following ways.

Step 1






Learn how to meditate. When you are relaxed you are more likely to make decisions that contribute to what you actually want in life. You are less likely to take actions based on negative emotions.

 Step 2

Surround yourself with people and places that contribute to your mood and your effectiveness. Keep negative energy away as much as you can.

 Step  3

Write what you want to become and how you will become it. Seeing it in writing will lead you to take small steps towards being what you envision.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE