25 Belly Foods That Give You A Flat Belly




1. Extra virgin olive oil
Extra virgin olive oil is known as the slimming oil with many benefits for burning calories. It contains mono-saturated fats for keeping the levels of cholesterol in check.

2. Almonds (with skins)
Unlike what is commonly believed, almonds are good for the belly because they form an easy snack which reduces your cravings for unhealthy food, while at the same time building your muscles.

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Although the right kind is not the salted almonds, if you want to have a healthy belly and skin, you should consume raw almonds.

3. Beans
You can have belly fat by eating beans. The reason is that when eaten, your stomach is full and this prevents you from indulging in food. Though beans serve as the source of gas, but they are good for fighting fat to a large extent, in addition to regulating your digestion and developing the muscles. They also prevent bloating of the belly.