28 Awesome Cooking Tricks


1. If you forgot to remove bouillon foam that formed on top and let it sank down to the bottom, add a glass of water to the pot. The foam will come back up to the surface, and you will be able to easily remove it.
2. Don’t add any spices to chicken bouillon, other than onions and carrots. Otherwise it will overpower the taste.
3. Don’t leave bay leaves in your soup. They’re great while it’s still being cooked, but might ruin the flavor afterward.

Awesome Cooking Tricks


4. Make your chops softer than ever by oiling them with a mixture of vinegar and vegetable oil 1-2 hours before cooking. Same goes for grilling meat.
5. Make juicy and delicious burgers by adding finely minced slightly toasted onions and raw potatoes to the mince.

6. When grilling burgers, use high heat during the first minute to let the crust form, so that it keeps the juices from pouring out. Then, bring it down to medium. Repeat after you flip your burgers, only this time use high heat for only half a minute.
7. Prevent your fish from falling apart while you cook it by rubbing it with a towel and adding salt right after, 10-15 minutes before cooking.
8. A few fresh chanterelles will make your soup even more delicious. But whatever kind of mushrooms you use, they’re always going to taste better when chopped into smaller pieces.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE