3 Great Tips to Improve Your Eye Contact and make Your Eyes the Focal Point of Your Face



When it comes to talking to people or groups of people you want to have proper eye contact. This helps to get the people involved in the conversation and makes them more engaged with you. By making your eyes stand out, it is easier to get others to connect with you on this level. It helps to open up the windows to your soul and make you someone who people are drawn to. This works well whether you are talking to people one-on-one or if you are speaking to a group of people. While you can’t make simultaneous eye contact with groups, you can pick individuals out and have moments of connection.





1.      Appreciate Your Eyes

First and foremost you have to appreciate your own eyes. When you look in the mirror you need to do to your eyes what you would find compelling in someone else’s. This means understanding what makes your eyes engaging. You should try talking in front of a mirror to see how your speech pattern works with your eyes. You don’t want your vision to be darting around. In the mirror you can practice engaging with your own eyes which will help you engage with others. You will see what it is like to talk to you.