3 Makeup Tips for An All Nighter Looking Good on No Sleep


If you were up all night and you are wondering how you can still look good the next morning, it is possible to do if you use a few good tricks to add vitality to your face, eyes and skin. There are numerous beauty articles you can read that will assist you in applying makeup in such a way that you can hide the fact that you did not get much sleep the night before.  You can also talk to friends who experienced the same issue for advice.


1. Revitalize Puffy Eyes

One idea is to apply green tea bags to the puffy areas underneath your eyes because the antioxidants in the green tea reduce your eyes’ puffiness and it will be easier to put eye makeup on. Another idea is to splash both of your eyes with cold water to have better-looking eyes if you were up all night. Another idea is to apply a white or neutral-toned eyeshadow to your eyes so they will look less tired during the day.  Purchase a good brand of eye cream that you can place underneath the eyes to reduce the puffiness.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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