3 Overweight Beginner Running Tips…


Before you start any workout routine you should consult your doctor and do your research, especially if you are a beginner.
I have started my own workout routine recently, but I am no expert so here to share more with you about fitness and health is David Dack who is a runner and author on weight-loss, here are his 3 Overweight Beginner Running Tips…

How to Safely Begin a Running Exercise Routine…

Running as an overweight person can be quite a challenge.
Usually, overweight people can’t sustain running even for a short period of time.

In addition, the high impact nature of running can lead to a myriad of injuries and health problems.
That’s why running has a bad wrap in lots of fitness circles.
But things don’t have to be this way.
In fact running is your best ally against those extra pounds you’ve been fighting to get rid of.
Not only that, running can boost your fitness level, reduce stress levels and the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases, and so on.

As a result, here are 3 beginner running tips for the overweight runner:….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE