3 Reasons to “Dye” Your Hair Gray




Every day you look in the mirror and wonder if today is a day for change. You are 50 and you feel good in your own skin.
However, do you feel good in your auburn hair of a 35-year-old? Now you are going too find three reasons to put down the dye of your hair.
Keep your natural hair colour. Gray is the new black and it has its advantages. So bring the gray on!

1. As we said- gray is the new black.

Have you seen the amazing silver locks of Helen Mirren.
What about the shining gray hairs of Nichelle Nichols? There are many other celebrities which had preferred the gray classy colour, such as Annie Lennox and Emmylou Harris. Bring your natural color. Be a rebel, like Patti Smith.
Show your children and grandchildren you are the best mother or grandmother! Make a change. Go gray and you will rock!

2. Gray saves money and time.
It is easy and free to maintain gray hair. We all are bored of the annoying chatting of our hair stylists.
Do not lose your time in stupid conversations and dyeing. Beautiful women, you have a life to live!
Why don’t you spent your money for a nice vacation in Europe or something more pleasant than dyeing?
Think about this and figure out the opportunities of happiness you are missing, throwing money on your hair dyeing.

3. Gray is eco-friendly.