3 Simple Ways To Burn Calories, Even While Sleeping



 There is more than one way to burn calories even while you sleep and one of those methods is through heavy lifting. There are several benefits of heavy weightlifting according to medical researchers. This makes you stronger physically, you lose more excess body fat, you develop better muscle structure that assists in weight loss, you are less likely to get osteoporosis, and you decrease chances of back pain and injuries because heavy weightlifting makes your muscles flexible. If you want to learn other ways to burn calories while sleeping, there are books and online videos available that offer tips on weight loss as you sleep.

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1. Cut Your Heater Down

 If you want to burn more calories while sleeping in addition to weightlifting, you should turn down the heater while you sleep during the cold months because as the heater is low, this causes your body to raise its’ metabolism rate naturally and this leads to the burning of more calories. If you still feel cold while the heater is off, dress in layers so that you can feel warmer while in the bed.

2. Kick Carbs to The Curb Six Hours Before Bedtime

 It is a known fact that if you want to burn calories while you sleep in addition to heavy weightlifting, you should stop eating carbs at least six hours before bedtime because when you do not have a lot of carbs in your body, it allows your body to burn more calories and fat, leading to weight loss over a period of weeks. Better yet, you can eat healthier foods such as nuts and yogurt six hours before bedtime.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE