3 Steps to Having Long Lasting Nail Polish



If you are a busy woman with extremely dynamic lifestyle, you manage all the household chores, raise one or two kids and work too much for your boss, as a freelance for example, this means that it is not very easy to maintain pretty your polished nails. There is even something worse than these tasks and it is the strength of your nails. If your nails are very soft and flexible, they bend easily and this is a big problem. The softness of your nails influence your polish. this makes your polish to crack and peel. All you need to do now is to discover some tips and tricks that will make your nail polish last a long time. Do not worry – we are up to this challenge! Here are X tricks about the maintaining of your nail polish. Follow them and you will be happy with your long lasting nail polish.

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1. The hardest part.

You are trying everything short of professional manicures, which you can’t do. You have tried expensive nail systems with top coats and base coats. You have tried even inexpensive polish which have not bad reviews. However all of this is useless and you know it. You will do one of these procedures and you will realize that this was a bad idea. The result is: either your polish crack or peel off like a sticker within just a few hours.
There is another procedure that many women try to do: they wash their hands and dry them thoroughly before applying polish. But we will tell you that this does not matter. The result is always one – every time the manicure will be ruined by the end of the day.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE