3 Steps to Reduce Belly Fat with 10 Minutes Exercise by Mike Geary


If you are someone who is not always able to do thirty minutes or an hour of exercise daily due to a hectic schedule, you can spend ten minutes each day with a series of short exercises courtesy of certified trainer Mike Geary. During the first two minutes you can perform jumprope exercises and then for the next few minutes you would do a squat push-up. To do this exercise, you want to stand with your feet a few inches apart and your arms on the side of your waist. You would then squat your legs and thigh for three to four minutes. For the remaining minutes you would rotate between the jumprope exercise and squats.

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1.      Ways You Can Modify The 10 Minute Exercise s

 Jumping jacks are another great way to modify your 10 minute workouts during the day and you can do ten to twenty of them within a ten minute period. Kickboxing is a high-intensity workout that can be done for ten minutes a day and other good ten minute exercises include running up and down the stairs, jogging in the backyard, pushups or sit-ups for muscle building, or weightlifting.