3 Ways of Having shiny hair




Hairstylists hear one question over and over: How do I make my hair shinier? A diet full of healthy proteins will start to bring back your natural shine, but it could take a months before you notice. Along with the healthy diet, hair responds well to conditioners that are full of vitamins and minerals along with essential oils. Hairstylists will also advise cold water rinses when rinsing conditioner because the quick-closing hair follicles will lock in moisture to provide a glistening shine.

Use Protein-Rich Mayonnaise

So many hairstylists recommend pairing mayonnaise with conditioner to create beautiful shine.







Real mayonnaise is the best option, because of the real eggs and natural ingredients like essential oils. If you prefer not to whip up your own mayonnaise, beauty supply stores sell mayonnaise that has been essentially formulated for hair.

Choose Natural Shine Remedies

If you prefer something less eggy, there are a few other natural conditioning agents that add shine. One remedy is to mix honey and water, then apply it and leave it on for fifteen minutes, then rinse. Espresso also adds shine, as well as a mixture of apple cider and water. All of these natural products bring shine and they clean the hair, too.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE