3 Ways to Get “Killer Eyes”



“Eyes are the doors to a woman’s heart”

Although all the features of a woman’s face are beautiful and make her personality, eyes are the two little things that help her portray her inner self. Therefore, whenever a woman is getting married, getting dressed for a special occasion or trying to add on more beauty to her pretty face, eyes are the features that are concentrated the most. No matter how much lipstick you apply or whichever shade of compact you add on to make your skin glow; the effect of that perfect eye make up creates the whole aura. Hence, we are here to give you the five best ways to enhance the beauty of your eyes:






1) The Gothic Eyes:

Although Gothic culture has been protested against a lot, there are certain things about this culture that attracts every individual to it. They have this “thing” for the color black and hence if you are someone with deep black eyes, this kind of eye make up would suit you the best. In Gothic eye make up, you need to apply more of black eye shadow and add no other shade except for this dark one. Above the eye shadow, put a dark eye liner around your eye lid and there you have that dark make up with the hint of silence in and around your eyes.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE