3 Ways to Make Your Hair Shiny



If you want shinier hair, here are three initial steps you can take to add pizzazz to it. Your diet plays an important role in how shiny your hair will get. Since protein makes up a lot of your hair, it is not surprising that you should eat as much protein as possible because when you do this you will see more shine in your hair within a few months. You must also apply a high quality conditioner to your hair that has vitamins, essential oils and minerals.






When you rinse the conditioner out of your hair you should use cold water because the water closes up hair follicles and this locks in the moisture and shine in your hair.

1. Mayonnaise for Shiny Hair

In addition to the above mentioned three steps to getting shiny hair, you can also put a little mayonnaise on your hair while it is still wet along with the conditioner and this adds glow to your hair. You can either use a homemade hair mayonnaise with essential oils added to it or you can buy hair mayonnaise from the beauty supply store.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE