1. The woman is negative and raw.

Sometimes the woman is critical to the man she loves. She may be saying things like, “You no longer love me, right?” or, “Why don’t you just leave me?”

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Why would a woman say such things? Often, in her heart, she is afraid that he would leave her and she wants her husband to reassure her of his love. By making such statements, it is expected (and hoped) that he will save her from her doubts by reaffirming his love for her again and convincing her that her fears are unfounded.

The problem is that a man can assure the woman only a few times before he starts to feel that she is needy (emotionally). Men hate this game. This does not make a man give a woman more love, but it rather repels it.
Men do not expect a woman to never complain or make them feel uncomfortable. These examples show how these actions affect men. When you complain or are negative, you pay the price. The man will slowly begin to withdraw emotionally. What works best is to share your feelings with him honestly.

– If you feel lonely, mention it instead of fighting with him

– If you feel confused or overwhelmed, tell him without blaming him

– Instead of saying, “You will leave me, right?” Say, “Are you mad at me?”

If you try what we suggest, you will find that he will be much more open to everything you say. You will probably feel uncomfortable, even scared to do this, but it allows you to create a moment of intimacy. Talk to him honestly, without exaggerating.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE