2. A woman is looking for ways to test him

This behavior resembles being negative, but is a little more insidious. Instead of expressing strong negative statements, the woman says things to her husband in ways that seem playful to the casual observer, but are really manipulative.

For example, a woman can tease her husband in front of other people and starts “nagging” or bugging him to see if he would stay with her if she upsets him. If he complains about these actions, she may say, “Oh, don’t be so sensitive,” or “I did not know it was that big a deal for you!” This is a clever way to test a man, but in no way inspires his devotion to you.

Instead, this technique makes him feel that the woman he loves doesn’t understand him. He can sense that something is wrong in the relationship. When he mentions it, her renunciation alone makes the uncertainty in the relationship grow.