4 Amazing Nail Decorations


2. Dots
This is also an easy to do a design that though simple. It brings a look of elegance and beauty to your nails. Begin by applying a base color paint of your choice, but most preferably one with a dark shade. Wait for it to dry then blot the dots on it. The color of the dots will depend on your taste and the clothing you intend to wear. Try to arrange the dots in a pattern or simply blot them randomly. However, try to make them look orderly. The dark shade in the base color will make the dots more noticeable and visible.

3. Tattoos
This is as beautiful as simple as it is beautiful. Put your drawing skills to the test and if you can’t you can always hire the services of someone who can, just make sure it gets done. Start by applying a base color of your choice. Wait for it to dry and then make a drawing of your choice of the base color. Flowers mostly come in handy and their effect never seems to change, but you can go an extra way and draw different things like celestial bodies. The effect that this design has on your general appearance grants it a spot in the list of four amazing nail decoration designs.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE