4 Beauty Secrets To Make A Perfect Selfie


You will need no filters now…

  • Pay attention to your eyebrows.

Even if you are going to take a picture à la ‘just out of bed’, well-groomed and expressive eyebrows are a decisive minimum for getting a good photo.
A camera stresses all obvious and hidden flaws, while eyebrows, on the contrary, divert attention from them.
Use tweezers to remove protruding hairs, then take a thin brush and dye all white spaces.
A final touch would a transparent fixing gel or mascara to make their shape perfect.

  • Highlight your eyes

When taking a picture or video, you can hardly guess if the light is good. If not, chances are you will get the effect of red and tired eyes, with a ‘heavy’ look.
A bold pencil/liner, brown or body-coloured, and some layers of mascara can correct the situation. One more nuance: flickering white specks in the inner corners of your eyes, which can make them look much bigger.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE