4 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair




The great thing about having long hair is that there are so many different hairstyles you can incorporate. If you’re going to a fancy event, it’s easy to put your hair in a very sophisticated bun. A simple pony-tail is great for working out or going to the beach. Or, you could leave your hair long and supple, it is up to you. However, if you’re looking for some other great tips that don’t take long to accomplish, have a look at these four easy braids for your hair.


The simple braid is quick and easy and can be touched up upon by letting a few side pieces left to strangle which adds a messy, yet sexy look to your hair. The simple braid is by far the most common braid women and men wear, but that doesn’t detract from its beauty. Sometimes simplicity is the best; it all depends on you and what kind of look you want to achieve.

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2. The fishtail braid

Although it may seem like this is a complicated braid to make, it actually isn’t as difficult as it looks; but the results are outstanding. This braid works for medium to long hair, but the longer the hair, usually the better outcome. To begin, part your hair into two sections. These two sections will become interwoven with each other. The idea is to pick as small as strands as possible for the greatest look. Choose a side to begin (it can be either the right or left side; it doesn’t matter except as a choice of preference). Now, pull a small strand of hair from the chosen side. Pull the small strand over its side (left or right, whichever side you’re starting with) and then under the second section. Do the exact same thing on the other side. Continue alternating between the two sides and you will notice the braid becoming the fish tail braid.