4 Easy Natural Homemade Remedies for Total Body Detox



The process of detoxification works to remove toxins that build up in the body as time goes by. Even though the body is designed to remove the toxins on its own, there are so many toxins in the environment today that the body often accumulates more than it can remove. To help the body get this important job done, a home detoxification program cleans the toxins faster. These are a few steps to help the detoxification process more along:

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1. Fasting with liquids

No detox program is designed to work as a starvation diet, but if you can adjust your diet for two days and just ingest liquids for those 48 hours, you can help the body conserve some energy. The process of digestion takes energy and if you can take an occasional break from solid foods, your body will be able to devote more energy to removing toxins. Your liquid diet should consist of liquefied fresh fruit and vegetables, not sodas or sugary juices; you should also drink water.

 Total Body Detox
Total Body Detox

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2. H20 is good for you.

Keeping the body hydrated with water is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Without hydration, you can injure your body faster. Dieticians recommend at least 64 ounces

of water every day to keep your skin healthy and the rest of your body healthy. Water might not have much flavor, but you can easily add lemon or cucumber or other natural flavors. If you get tired of water, you can always fruit and veggie juice instead.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE