4 Exercises For Legs



The seated twist is an exe4rcise that will tone and stretch the other thighs. Sit on the floor, extending the legs outward in your front. The right leg should be bent, raising it up and over your left leg. The right foot should be put flat on the floor close to your left knee, after which the upper body should be rotated to the right, and you should put both of your hands on the floor with the palms down. Your left arm should be positioned, so that it is resting on the right thigh right above the knee. In addition, your left arm should be pressed against your right by creating a deep twist. You may feel a slight pull on your outer thigh. Perform this exercise about 15 times, switch legs and repeat.


The Bent Knee Straddle is going to work the inner thigh muscles. With the chin leveled, you should sit on the floor, while the knees should be bent point outward toward the soles of your feet.  Learn forward, putting your forearms on the calves, and pulling the feet towards you. Pressure should be put on the upper calves, with the forearms pushing the thighs against the floor. When you start to feel a pull on your inner thighs stop pushing and hold the position for about 5 seconds.

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