4 Ideas for Pink Cocktail Dresses



There is something playful and flirty about pink cocktail dresses that attract women to this color of dresses and if you want a bold way to dress fabulous for the next cocktail party at a friend’s house, you should consider pink cocktail dresses. Pink cocktail dresses come in a variety of styles and patterns and there are also plus size pink cocktail dresses that you can choose from. As for the best shoes to wear with pink cocktail dresses, you can wear white shoes since white is a symbol of femininity and purity. Other neat shoes include wedge sandals, strappy heels, ballerina flats and even pink boots may work for those who are adventurous with fashion.

1. Strapless Pink Dress

If you have a curvaceous figure with a small waistline, you can wear a strapless pink dress with a beautiful medium-length necklace and a bracelet. However, if your breasts are large, this may not be the best choice if you want a strapless dress that is low cut. You want to look classy when wearing a strapless pink dress. A pair of strappy stilettoes or ballerina flats would work with this dress.






2. Pink Wrap Maxi Dress

This is a great choice if you want to look sexy while dressing modest at the same time. Some good shades of pink for this kind of dress include pastel pink, fuchsia or magenta, regular pink and coral. A good pair of pumps would look nice with this dress and you can sport silver or gold jewelry with the pink wrap dress.

3. 1950s Glam for Pink Cocktail Dresses

Here is how you can look like the 50s sirens with your pink cocktail dress. Purchase some affordable sparkling jewelry that has hints of pink in it and make this a part of your wardrobe. Another idea is to wear some tall high heel shoes in complementary colors such as white, gold, silver or yellow. A pink cocktail dress with sequins or a floral pink cocktail dress resembles the 50s nicely.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE