4 Ideas for Pink Cocktail Dresses


4. About Purses to Complement Pink Cocktail Dresses

Since you will likely sport a purse with your pink dress, here are some ideas on purses. Beaded clutch pink purses are ideal for pink dresses but you can also wear a white and pink striped or floral clutch purse with sequins or pearls on it. If you are wearing a fuchsia cocktail dress, a hot pink purse would work although this creates the effect of too much pink in one outfit. Tote bags are to be avoided with pink cocktail dresses.


Pink is a beautiful color for clothing and home décor but especially with cocktail dresses. You can buy affordable pink cocktail dresses at discount clothing retailers, thrift stores, garage sales, online or at department stores. If you wear pink a lot, you want to have a few pink dresses on hand so that you will be able to wear them often at events.