4 Makeup Tips for Eyeglass Wearers


2. Don’t Forget About The Lips

You can give your overall look pizzazz as an eyeglass wearer by boosting your lips with beautiful lipstick or lip gloss.  Consider your skin tone when deciding on the right lipstick and if you have a warm skin tone, it may not be a good idea to  wear a bright red lipstick since it is too overpowering. However, those with warm skin tones can sport peach, rose, light yellow or a rose color. If you wear eyeglasses and have a cool skin tone, you can sport bolder lip colors such as bright red, gold, purple, or a coffee color.

3. Make Your Eyes Stand Out With Mascara

When you sport makeup as an eyeglasses wearer, you can make your eyes look fabulous with black or a dark brown mascara. Two to three coats of mascara are sufficient and if you have a skin allergy, you can look for a hypoallergenic mascara. Some of the best places to get mascara include the drugstore, department store and online retailers.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE