4 Messy Hairstyles



1. Short Messy Hairstyles

 The messy waves look great on those with short hair. To achieve this look you want to first twist sections of your hair and then secure the twists with hair pins. Let the pins stay in your hair for four to five hours then remove the pins and style the waves. For bed head-style messy hair, you can put leave-in conditioner and serum in your hair and rub these products through your hair. After you do this you would scrunch your hair while blow drying it and after you do this you would part your hair on the side and style as desired.

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2.Messy Ponytail

 The messy ponytail is a fun and simple way to style your hair for a rainy day or a few hours at the gym. To achieve this look you would first brush the tangles out of hair and then you would apply texturizer and volumizer to the hair. Curl sections of your hair and pull the curled hair into a ponytail, and then you would place a rubber band around the ponytail. Wrap some of the curled hair around the ponytail and tease the rest of the ponytail. This is a way of doing one of the most common and good-looking messy hairstyles today.

3. Shag

This hairstyle originated in the 70s and it has a messy but beautiful feel to your overall look. If you are not skilled in fixing this style yourself you can ask the stylist to fix the style for you. The good thing about shag hairstyles is that they are easy to maintain and last for a few weeks.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE


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