4 Messy Hairstyles


4. Messy Hairstyles for Those With Very Thin Hair

 If your hair is naturally curly but thin, you can sport a curly bob and to get this hairstyle you would put small rollers in your hair while it is still wet then let air dry. Once you take the rollers out your hair you can tease the curls until they resemble a messy bob. If you have straight thin hair a messy pixie cut is a good choice.

Messy Hairstyles
Messy Hairstyles

Image Source: makeupwearables


 Messy hairstyles look fabulous on women of all hair textures and lengths, and they add playfulness and sophistication to your hair. If you are bored with your hair color you can add streaks of colors such as light brown, caramel, blue, brownish blonde or red. This gives messy hairstyles a fierce look.


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