4 Natural Ways to Straighten your Hair



The straightening of your hair can be done very easily with products from your kitchen. No, this is not a joke! There are natural products in your kitchen which can help you to straighten your hair.

1. Let us start with the first natural product. Do you like milk? Anyway, milk can be used not only for the morning cereal or for the coffee.

It is an amazing worker when it come to flattering your hair. How does it works? The procedure is extremely easy! Take your old spray bottle and fill it with milk.

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The next step is to spray it onto your dry, remember, dry hair. Let the hair sit for about 20-30 minutes and then wash it out.

2. The milk also can do magic with some other products. For example the honey. It is a good combination for drinking but in our case we will use it for our hair.Take a cup of milk, depending on how much hair you have and add honey to it. Mix the two ingredients. The final result should be a paste.

If you want to make the substance thicker put banana. Banana moisturize the hair so do not hesitate to use it in your magical paste. You may be tempted to eat the nice looking and smelling substance, but do not do it. After the preparing of your paste, apply the paste to dry hair and let it sit for about an hour. When the hair is dry wash it out with a shampoo.