4 Short Haircut Ideas



It is a complicated thing for a girl to choose to cut off her long tresses. The thing is, some women simply look better with short hair cuts but that doesn’t make the initial cutting any easier. Many women are afraid they are going to lose their good looks or that they won’t be able to style it. There are a few short haircuts that still give you a little bit of freedom and diversity so it won’t be quite so shocking when your long hair is gone. After that you may be brave enough to head to the pixie cut or you may decide it is the perfect look for you.

1. Shoulder Bob
This is probably the easiest transition cut. Mostly because you can still pull it back in a ponytail or clip it up if you are hot. One of the hardest parts about having short hair is being limited in your options. With a bob you can go curly or straight. You can pull part of it up or all of it up. It gives you a different look, makes your hair healthier overall and still feels like longer hair.






2. Layered Flip
The flip has always been a good option when it comes to short hair. It gives you the height on top without all the excess work. You simply decide how long you want the layers and then you have volume and a shaggy look that is easy to maintain. This is a great choice for summer, especially if you spend lots of time in the water or if you have a bit of a natural wave. Short hair can be hard to style so you want something that is low maintenance.

3. Side Swoop
This is a good style that you can play with and still it has a more finished look than some of the other short hairstyles. You choose a side and the majority of the length and your bangs will all swoop to that side. You can also pin up the other side or play with fancy hair adornments. It tends to give you a stylish metro look.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE