4 Smokey Eye Makeup Tips



Here are some tips on doing smokey eye makeup. Start by applying a concealer or white eyeshadow primer over your eyelids so that the overall look will be neat after putting on the makeup. After you do this you should apply the dark colored eyeshadow from the inside to the far end of your eyelids, and then apply a medium-shade yet not too dark colored eyeshadow on your eyelids then apply a very light colored eyeshadow to your eyelids. Finally, you would combine these colors to create a smokey eye look.

1. Can I Get Smokey Eyes With Wrinkles?

Even if you are developing wrinkles, you do not have to give up on the smokey eye look because with a few helpful hints, you can pull this look off well. As usual, you should start by applying the eyeshadow primer on your eyelids to ensure an even look. It also makes the wrinkles on your lids less obvious to others. If you have wrinkles you should not use black eyeshadow because this ages your appearance. Instead wear other neat colors of eyeshadow such as green, blue or brown according to youe skin tone and color of your eyes. Light gray is also a good choice if you have wrinkles. Do not use use glittery eyeshadow if you have wrinkles because this makes your wrinkles noticeable.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE