4 Smokey Eye Makeup Tips


2. Incorporate Neutral Tones in Smokey Eye Makeup

Although you would generally use darker eyeshadow colors and grayish tones in the smokey eye look, you should also consider neutral tones because these tones take some of the harshness off the dark color in this look. Some good neutral tones for the smokey eye look include tan, beige, peach, and even gold would add the wow factor to your smokey eye look.

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3. Getting a Brown Smokey Eye

Start by putting a brown color across the corner to the end of the eyelids and then you would slightly smudge the brown color on the eyelids neatly. Once you do this you should apply a shimmery neutral toned eyeshadow to the eyelids and then you would put the dark brown eyeshadow over your eyelids along with a slight dab of charcoal eyeshadow. Top the look off with more dark brown eyeshadow

4. Trim Your Eyebrows and Curl Eyelashes

This is important because when you trim eyebrows and curl your eyelashes, the smokey eye makeup looks better and more fabulous. To add extra pizzazz, apply a jet black eyebrow color to the eyebrows and you should also use black mascara to add the wow factor of your smokey eye makeup.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE