4 Stylish Short Haircut Ideas That Can Make You Look Feminine & Flattering



You do not reason a reason to chop off your long locks and sport a short haircut. Short haircuts tend to be cool, feminine and flattering. These are above-the-shoulder and no-fuss haircuts that flatter most face shapes, and lend themselves to almost practically all hair textures and types. These days, many celebrities are accentuating their straight hair with spiky strands and sleek chin-length bobs, or are playing up their curls tousled waves. So why wait for an excuse to shorten the length of your hair when there are so many stylish short haircut ideas that you can try.





This is a gamine style short haircut idea that is as rounded as a modern bowl cut, but the ends tend to be airy and razored, so the hair get a bit more movement and softness. If you have a longer face shape, it will be balanced by the volume on the sides and at the top. If you want to add a perfect amount of body to this haircut with a romantic, side-swept look, use a paddle brush and blow-dry your hair. Make sure you keep the ends textured and wispy to avoid blunt, straight lines and ensure that this short cut looks feminine.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE