4 Tips for Aging your Skin


3. Thickness

As we begin to age we may lose some of thePost to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "7-foods-to-swap-for-a-skinnier-you" and thickness that we have in our eyelashes. Whether you get your favorite mascara or you decide to get lash extensions, it’s important that you hydrate them to preserve them. You can hydrate them by putting some coconut or olive oil on them, and you are bound to see a different in the appearance and condition of them quickly.


4. Ears

We all forget about the ears, but it can age us years! If the ears are not Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "7-foods-to-swap-for-a-skinnier-you"taken care of it can have a damaging effect on our overall look. Many people will walk around simply exposing their lobes to the sun which will cause wrinkles, and that’s why it’s just as important to protect this, just as it is the tip of our nose. By putting sunscreen on them and moisturizing them throughout the cold seasons, we can preserve their condition as well.

By taking care of our entire body, we can preserve the areas before they end up not having their youthful appearance; Doing so before it’s too late will prevent stress and guilt from building up. It’s easy to maintain your whole body as long as you are attentive of it and take care of your diet and health along with the physical appearance.