4 Tips for Dieting


3. Portion

Learning how to control portion size is extremely important. We live in a society in which portions are far too large and super sized. It’s difficult to even know what portion size is right for our body size. Restaurant meals are far too large, and they are often enough for two people. Learning how to control a portion is going to save you from eating too many calories throughout the day. It will help you to choose foods that are lower in calories such as fruits and veggies instead of starches or fried foods that are often larger in portion.

4. Overboard

Make sure that you don’t go overboard with dieting and working out. The body and the mind will need a break, and it needs to be a gradual process. It cannot handle extremely drastic changes. If you go overboard it can actually lead to health risks; start out by cutting the calories out slowly and incorporating the changes instead of going in with an all-or-nothing state of mind. If you go too overboard it’s likely that you will cave more often.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE