4 Tips for Having the Perfect Shaped DIY Eyebrows




Thick perfectly shaped eyebrows are the perfect way to enhance your facial features. Most women are fortunate enough to be able to visit their stylist and have their eyebrows waxed or plucked but if this is not your situation, you can get neatly plucked eyebrows yourself. All you need is some tweezers, eyebrow brush and pencil and a few other tools.

1.      Pick The Right Tweezers

According to some beauty experts, you want to pick tweezers that have a slightly sharp edge because this makes it easier to pluck your eyebrows with minimal pain and difficulty. Tweezers with a very dull edge are not ideal for shaping and grooming your eyebrows.






2.      Don’t Put A Magnifying Mirror in Front of You While Tweezing

The reason for not doing this is because the mirror makes it look like you have more hairs on your eyebrows than you really have, and this causes you to tweeze your eyebrows too much. It is better to tweeze your brows in front of a standard sized mirror.

3.      Shading in Thin Eyebrows

If you have very thin eyebrows, you want to shade them in rather than tweeze them because you do not want your eyebrows to look too thin. You can purchase eyebrow filler at the drugstore or cosmetics counter at a mall and if you have skin allergies, look for eyebrow filler that is hypoallergenic. Avoid eyebrow fillers that have toxic chemicals.


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