4 Tips for Safety Lash Extensions


Every woman aches for long and luscious lashes and unfortunately some are not blessed with them. Mascara doesn’t always cut it which is why more and more women are looking into lash extensions.

1. Are lash extensions safe?

The truth is that if the lash extensions are applied incorrectly it can damage them permanently. When the lash extensions are glued together at the base, it can cause the real lashes to fall out and that will results in multiple lashes being lost at the same time. Putting on lash extensions the wrong way can sometime result in lashes being ripped off will rip them off permanently.

Before committing to getting them done, make sure that you attend a place that specializes in the application.





Do not get lash extensions done at a nail salon. Verify that there is a lashtician that will use top grade glue before applying them.  If they feel uncomfortable or too heavy, ask for it to be moved or for lighter lashes.

2. Avoid Lash Catastrophe

The first thing that you should do is make sure that they are certified. One of the most effective ways to see whether or not you have bad or good eyelash extensions is by picking up a toothpick and combing it through the lashes. If it gets stuck, then the lashes are glued together. This can result in permanent lash loss. If the toothpick comes through smoothly, then it’s likely it’s been applied correctly.

If you’ve already had them done, and they’ve been applied incorrectly, don’t wait to fix them. They should be removed by a professional immediately at the same place that they were applied at. Ask for the lash to be the same thickness as a natural lash.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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