4 Tips on Finding The Perfect Eyebrow


There are some standard rules for shaping the common eyebrow. Follow these tips to find the perfect shape for your face and your features.

 1. Some tips

· First, start directly from the very edge of your nose.
· The brow should end in line with the very corner of your nose and the outer edge of your eye.
· The brow arch should line up with the outer iris edge.





 2. The edge

If you cannot start directly from the edge of your nose, start the brow at your desired nose bridge with. This is going to give the appearance of a smaller, thinner nose. Don’t go too overboard in the brow arch line because the straighter the brow, the more youthful and sophisticated it looks. When the brows are too overarched it can make the eyelids look puffy. Keep it straight and it will also make the face appear thinner.

It’s going to work best when you follow the natural shape because this is the perfect shape for your individual shape. If you over plucked your brows and you cannot reconfigure the natural shape, check back on old school photos to see where they started off.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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