4 Tips to Get Thicker Hair



A shiny, thick mane will always help you look healthier, more attractive and have the hairstyle you want. This type of feeling extends to you being more confident. You have a greater choice of hairstyles when you have healthy, thick hair and while good genetics plays into it, there are things you can do in order to make your hair thicker and better looking.

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1.      The Right Hair Cut

If your hair is fine and breaks easily, you should keep it at the collarbone or shorter. This will keep it thicker and more healthy looking. There are plenty of hairstyles that go with this type of length and will help to give you the thicker hair you have always wanted. It is also best to avoid over-layering because it will just make your hair weaker. A single layer off to the side is best if you do one at all.

2.      Hair Products

Utilize hair products that help you grow hair or fix the hair shaft. This gives you stronger hair overall and will help to make your hair thicker. It is also advisable to avoid sulfites found in most shampoos. They weaken and damage your hair.