4 Ways of Making Up Like the Korea Artist


There are several ways you can recreate the traditional methods of Korean makeup using the current makeup you already have at home. You should start by applying a primer and a good base so that your skin will have an even tone overall. Once you do this you should put on a foundation that best suits your skin tone and then you are ready to apply the rest of the makeup. You want to apply a cream foundation to the face along with concealer for the puffiness that is under the eyes. When it is time to do the eyes, you would use a brown eyebrow cream and a light brown eye shadow to create a beautiful look for the eyes. Over the eyelashes you would put black eyelash liner and then you would add black mascara to the lashes.






1.      Use Eyeliner to Create Eyes Like Korean Artists

To use eyeliner the way Korean makeup artists do, you would flair to start by applying primer on your eyelids and under the eyes, and after you do this you would apply the eye shadow across your eyelids and then apply liquid eyeliner near the top of the eyelashes before adding the mascara.

2.      Shapening Your Eyebrows Korean Style

The first thing you want to do is think about how you want to shape your eyebrows and then you would begin plucking on the sides of your eyebrows. Once you do this you can use a stencil to place against your eyebrows and fill in the area where the stencil is held with eyebrow liner. Then after you fill in the brows, you would pluck the outside of the area you filled in and then you would pluck some of the excess hair from the brows.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE