4 Ways of Making Up Like the Korea Artist


3.      Use Pink Or Rose Colored Blush on Cheeks

If you want a flattering look to your cheeks, you can take a cue from Korean makeup artists and apply rose colored or pink blush to your cheeks to add the extra flair to your makeup. Be sure not to put too much of the blush on your cheeks because it will make you look like a clown.

4.      Use Multiple Eyeshadow Colors

Another idea is to wear multiple eyeshadow colors if you want to get the Asian effect on your eyes. Start by applying a light-colored eyeshadow and then build on it with more subtle and dark colors. Once you apply this you can add the mascara.


When you wear makeup the way a Korean makeup artist would design it, you get the chance to wear your face in a way that is playful yet mysterious but sophisticated at the same time. The makeup is simple to apply and it goes well for any event and with most outfits. There are also books you can read on the topic. Wearing makeup in this fashion also looks nice for anime-themed parties if you and your friends love anime movies.