5 Air Brush Make Up Tips



Air brush make up has become a very popular trend. It gives you a flawless look that lasts all day. That being said, it can be a bit tricky to apply. You will find that until you get used to the process it can go on a bit too thick or you will get tired during the process. As you get faster it will become second nature just like standard make up application.

1. Practice with Water

While you will get the equipment and want to jump right in, it’s a good idea to run some practice tests with just plain water. You don’t want to waste the expensive make up or have to wash off your face every time. You will quickly see how a change in your motion alters the appearance of the droplets on your face.

2. Work on Wrist Strength

This might sound silly but because it takes longer to do, your wrist needs to be able to handle the make up application process. It is a more fine-tuned type of motion and you will experience muscle fatigue. Take the time to go in cycles at first to ensure that your wrist is up to it by the time you begin.

3. Keep it Mobile

Unlike with regular make up, it is not about filling in one area and then moving on. Your hand should always be moving in gentle, consistent movements so that you are essentially spray painting your face early. If you concentrate in one area you will find that it is impossible to even out the edges without causing thick caking of the make up.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE