5 Best Cardio Workouts


Often time’s people think that they need machinery such as treadmills and elliptical machines in order to get cardio and control their body weight. There are other alternatives to strengthening your bones, your muscles and to controlling your body’s weight and mass. A cardio workout is an activity that will deliberately increase your heart beat which in turn will increase the rate at which you are breathing. Your muscle activity and your energy will increase during this work out. In order to provide more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles it is necessary to increase your heart rate. This will speed up the flow of blood and make your respiratory health rise. The best workouts are the ones that will leave you tired and sweaty.

1. High Intensity Regime

A high-intensity workout will help you to lose fat quickly and burn calories much quicker than you would at a slow pace. A high-impact workout can actually burn up to 511 calories within an hour. Jogging is an exceptional work out as well-being that it is a constant workout for the body. Some other activities that are constant forms of workouts include in-line skating, tae kwon do and swimming. If you have any physical restraints consult with your doctor to see what work out would be healthiest for your body type.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE