5 Best Gemini Traits



Each Zodiac sign has their unique qualities that make them stand out as individuals. Each sign have their own strengths and weaknesses. The Gemini has many great traits although they are not revealed right away. When you spend a lot of time with this zodiac sign you will uncover that there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Although, they are often known for making impulsive decisions, can be materialistic at times and have somewhat of a short temper – they have a lot to offer in terms of a relationship.

1. Their Social Abilities

A Gemini is a very opinionated, chatty and inquisitiveperson. They are extremely fun to be around because of their warm social skills. They can be very headstrong at times and a bit desperate when it comes to proving their point. Anyone who knows them well knows that it can be quite a fight trying to prove a different point. Gemini’s do not like to be embarrassed in front of a crowd but will definitely engage in a conversation with anyone, at anytime regardless of what they have going on.

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2. Intellectual Abilities

The Gemini is very smart but they do not always use their intellect to engage in something bigger than themselves. They know a bit of information about everything and it’s extremely easy for them to obtain more information. The knowledge that they possess has a lot to do with having a strong mind. They are a very balanced person and if they have the drive they have the potential to create something powerful.

3. Emotional Strength

A Gemini has an extremely strong heart. Their personality is strong and their ability to endure pain and hardship is even stronger. There are many people who tend to break down, crash and burn when they are going through something difficult but the Gemini has the ability to endure it with grace. Just like the other signs, they have emotions, but they do not fall victim to them or victimize themselves around others. They can get very defensive if someone picks on them and they are ready to fight if a conflict arises but when they feel passionate about someone, they will always stand up for them and fight.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE