5 of the Best Gemini Traits



Every Zodiac sign has certain qualities and if you are looking for someone who is a Gemini as a dating partner, good friend or business partner, you are in luck because Geminis have some really great qualities that make it easy for you to get along with them. Perhaps you are a Gemini and you want to build relationships with fellow Geminis but your relatives and friends disagree with you. Here are some of the best traits of Geminis.

1. Geminis Are Social Butterflies

You will never get bored when hanging out with a Gemini because they tend to be social, friendly and ready to help you when needed. When chatting with a Gemini it may be hard for him to stop talking because he has so many questions and insight on various topics. This is why they make for good dates.





2. Geminis Are Smarties

Not only do Geminis get along with most people, they also have great intellectual abilities. They are willing to investigate certain issues and come to the best solutions or arguments based on the evidence they gather. Geminis would do well as entrepreneurs, managers, and in other leadership positions in fields of education, healthcare and politics.

3. Geminis Are Tough Cookies Emotionally

If you need inspiration or role models regarding the need to be emotionally strong and overcome adversity well, seek role models who are Geminis because they are least likely to fall apart when trouble arises and they persevere with the goals they set despite temptation, failures and doubts from those they know.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE