5 Best Gemini Traits



4. Generosity

The funny thing about this Zodiac sign is that they are extremely generous when it comes to giving or helping out. They have a rough exterior but if you are falling under and need a helping hand, they are the first to make sure that you get back up on your feet. They will give you their last doller if you need it without even thinking twice. This comes very naturally to them and that is why they tend to have a lot of loyal friends.

5. Measure of Loyalty

Some believe that the Gemini is lying and conniving – but, when it comes to relationships they are actually very loyal. They may deal with some emotional conflicts at times but they are great for having a relationship with. They are so protective over their loved ones and that is another branch of their loyalty. Although they have a short temper, it comes to good use if you are ever in need of a protector.