5 of the Best Short Hair Styles



Women with short hair can style their hair in more ways that they ever imagined. Most women with short hair think that they cannot do much with their hair, but they are wrong. There are several styles that look good in different seasons and for different events. From chignons, braids, and updos, short can be done stylishly. Here are a few classic styles to try:

1. The Summer Bob
The summer bob is defined by the  loose messy waves that make your hair look like you just got off of your surfboard. You can style this look straight for entirely different, polished appearance.

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2. Classic Hairstyle
If you have short hair, you can style it in many classic ways. Women with short hair have options that look chic and feminine. To add more style, women can even add a headband, a flower, or a little decorative clip, too.

3. The Victory Roll
The Victory Roll is a classic look from the World War II era. This retro look can add class to short hair and long hair. It will get your hair off of your neck if you have long hair.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE